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Developers, consultants, architects, programmers, project managers and those looking for hands-on, intense technical training to bring them up to speed with the provisioning of IT resources as and when you need them in as near to real-time as possible.

Introducing at Cloud Computing Expo
Full one-day, totally immersive "Cloud Computing Bootcamp"

What: Cloud computing is an opportunity for business to implement low cost, low power and high efficiency systems to deliver scalable infrastructure. But moving to a cloud infrastructure is not necessarily as nice and clean as the providers would want us to think. With cloud infrastructures problems don't magically go away, they just shift. You don't have scalability or storage problems any more, but you need to constantly monitor the cloud and your application in it. In this compelling, intensive, one-day, hands-on training program, you will learn what it takes to take advantage of the Cloud - and whether it is right for you in the first place.

When: Being held March 31, 2009 at The Roosevelt Hotel in New York, NY.

Who: Cloud Computing Bootcamp is led by:

Alan Williamson, founder of Blog-City.com, is a Sun Java Champion and creator of OpenBlueDragon (an open source Java CFML runtime engine). He is currently engaged with a number of startups providing technology and expertise. In the past, he worked with SpikeSource Inc. for nearly 3 years as Technical Evangelist and architect in SpikeLabs. He has assisted VCs in preparing technical overview and due diligence, was editor-in-chief of Java Developer's Journal, founding editor of LinuxWorld Magazine, and has more than 16 years experience in the world of software development. Co-founding aw2.0 'the cloud experts' he has helped many start-ups, as well as established players, move to the cloud.

Join Alan Williamson and your fellow attendees at the Cloud Computing Bootcamp on March 31. We'll see you in New York, New York!

Cloud Bootcamp: Everything you need to know but were too scared to ask

So you have a room full of servers that on the whole are sitting doing very little work. You've heard all about this "cloud" stuff, but you are unsure how to apply your current knowledge and thinking to this new virtualised world.

Fear not, this boot camp will illustrate all the major players with real hands-on experience. You will see how each of the players will help you transistion from costly, physical based services to utilising ondemand processing.

This bootcamp assumes you are looking to run a service with as close to 100% as possible with as much scalability as possible then this is the day for you.

The morning will look at some of the major players and what services they have to offer and how you get access to them. The afternoon session will be a series of short sharp intensive introductions to some of the new players emerging, both big and small, to the cloud world.

The boot camp is all about what you can do TODAY, and not about what maybe you can do tomorrow. NO HYPE, just stuff that works.

Q&A encouraged throughout!
  1. Cloud Introductions: 0830 - 0850
    • An overview of this whole space, figuring out some definitions and terminology. Look at the expectations and our experiences.
  2. Amazon AWS Overview 0850 - 1000
    • An indepth look at the services provided by Amazon EC2 and the supporting services. This includes spinning up instances, creating images, the do's and don'ts of one of the early pioneers of on-demand cloud computing.
  3. Break/Expo 1000 - 1100
  4. Amazon Alternatives 1100 - 1130
    • Amazon are not the only players in this space, but they did set the bar in terms of what we would come to expect. We'll take a look at some of the other players: GoGrid, Flexiscale, ElasticHosts, Mosso, Joyent, AppNexeus.
  5. Mass Storage in the Cloud 1130 - 1200
    • We'll take a look at some of the ways you can utilise mass storage in the cloud. This includes services such as Amazon's S3, Nirvanix, and Mosso. Plus some techniques for doing it yourself
  6. Databases in the Cloud 1200 - 1230
    • Managing databases in the cloud is not an easy or trivial task. This session will look at some of the moves the big players (Oracle, Microsoft, IBM) are making, how MySQL works, and look at some alternatives to traditional databases (MongoDB, Terracotta, Scalaris, memcached etc). We'll be looking at the online services from Amazon and Google.
  7. Lunch 1230 - 1330
  8. Load Balancing in the Cloud 1330-1400
    • Every one talks about scaling up and down in the cloud, but how do you actually do it? This session will look at the options available for the popular web-request problem. Looking at various hard and software options including DNS techniques and services you can employ.
  9. Guest Slot: ElasticServer 1400-1430
    • Pat Kerpan, from CohesiveFT will be taking us through ElasticServer, a real-time image provisioning tool to allow you to operate across multiple cloud providers
  10. Guest Slot: FlexiScale 1430-1500
    • A hands-on look from the CEO, Tony Lucas, of FlexiScale on the UK's first ever Cloud Provider
  11. Guest Slot: Guest Slot: Microsoft Azure 1500-1530
    • Ranjith Ramakrishnan, co-founder of Cumulux, and former Microsoft, will be taking a real hands-on session into the world of Azure.
  12. Break/Expo 1530 - 1630
  13. Top Tips: 1630 - 1700
    • A quick fire round-up of lots of hints and tips from working in and out of the clouds.

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Cloud Computing
Conference & Expo
offers the Cloud Computing Bootcamp on March 31, 2009, at The Roosevelt Hotel in
New York, NY to Golden Pass
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Choose the Correct Path
to The Cloud

Many analysts and industry-watchers believe that Cloud Computing is changing not just the technology landscape but also the entire nature of the business models that underpin successful software and hardware companies.

Entrepreneurial opportunities abound as this classic disruptive technology begins to proliferate and the 2nd International Cloud Computing Conference & Expo, being held 30 March - 1 April 2009 in New York City, is going to be the biggest ever conference specifically devoted to delivering and/or using massively scalable Enterprise IT as a service using Internet technologies. ...(more...)

Cloud Computing Conference & Expo 2009 East
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